Partner Event - Northern Rockies ATD - Behavior Engineering Model for Performance Evaluation

  • Thursday, June 22, 2017
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Collindale Golf Course - C.B. & Potts, 1441 E. Horsetooth Rd, Ft. Collins, CO

ATD RMC Partner Event

Northern Rockies ATD  


Training Automation with 3 Minute Videos on YouTube


Online learning just doubled from 48 Billion to 107 Billion. Source: HERE

Video communicates 80% better than text, print or audio messages and instead of a full time trainer on staff companies and organizations are opting into developing a library of training videos. Come learn the ins and outs of 3 minute training videos from certified Google partner, Anthony Prichard.




11:30 am - 1:00 pm


C. B. & Potts
1441 E Horsetooth Rd. Fort Collins, CO 80525

About the Speaker:

Anthony has a solid background in corporate sales, business management, and construction and has 25 years of non-profit volunteer experience.  He speaks to both for profit and nonprofit organizations about growth through engagement and building common ground.  As a Certified Google Partner, he teaches organizations how they can take business to the next level using the power of YouTube, AdWords, AdGrants and Analytics.

Anthony has learned firsthand how to use videos for advertising, case studies, testimonials, staff trainings and email campaigns.  He specializes in coaching people to use and look good on video, by delivering sound bites, and eliminated their fear of the camera.  Anthony’s approach is effective, enthusiastic and compelling.

In his spare time, Anthony coaches competitive boys soccer, swims three miles a week, and is an avid bicyclist, runner, skier, surfer and scaler of 14’ers.   He is also a great organic cook.

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