Volunteer for a Professional Development Opportunity!

One of the benefits of belonging to a professional organization is to learn and develop new skills, and to spend time with mentors who will guide you. Many members want to contribute to the chapter and have varying amounts of time to invest, so we held a brainstorming session to create multiple opportunities to benefit a larger number of members.

Join an incredible team! Enhance your LinkedIn profile. Add your new skills to your resume. Ensure you are a totally up-to-date learning professional with all the credibility that comes with that. Be cool and a part of a motivated board! We’ll set you up for success and help you transition into your new position. 

Time is limited, but I’d like to help?

For those with a little bit of time (a few hours a month) to invest in our chapter, consider these committee member tasks:

Working with the VP of Communications:
    • Promotions: Create notifications for special promotions
    • Surveys: Create and send surveys for our monthly programs using Survey Monkey
    • Evaluator: Compile monthly survey results and send to board
    • Social Media: Write and schedule postings on social media. Use HootSuite
Work with the VP of CPLP Study Groups:
    • Recruiter: Help find other CPLP for the program
    • Committee Assistant: Help the VP of CPLP lead the program
Work with the VP of Finance:
    • Metrics: Capture meeting metrics on earning and spending
    Working with the VP of Membership:
      • Develop a new member packet
      • Orientation: Help to create a new member orientation event (2 – 3 times yearly)
      • Customer Care: Follow up with lapsed members.
      • Ambassadors: Welcome new members at a monthly event. Follow up with a phone call.
    Work with the President Elect:
      • SIG Coordinator: Be a liaison for our Special Interest Groups (e.g., ELearning, Facilitators)
    Working with the VP of Programs:
      • Event Planner: Order food for our meetings
      • Event Planner: Complete logistics for the monthly meeting venue (already selected)
      • Program Planner: Help find talent for monthly programs
      • Program Planner: Help vet monthly presenters
      Working with the VP of Sponsorships:
        • Customer Care: Attend to existing sponsors and care for their needs
        • Copy Creator: Write an article for our sponsors
        • Graphic Designer: Develop an ad and logo for the sponsor space on our website
        Work with the VP of Technology:
          • Website Maintenance: Maintain the chapter website using Wild Apricot
          All volunteers must be members of the ATD Rocky Mountain Chapter.

          Please contact the Vice President of Volunteer Engagement, for more details.

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