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Meet Dr. Britt Andreatta, Our August 3 Program Speaker

Monday, July 25, 2022 7:28 AM | Anonymous

Meet Dr. Britt Andreatta

Featured speaker from the ATD 2022 conference, and speaker for our chapter program on August 3, Wired to Resist.

Britt, what attracted you to brain science?

Even in high school, I’ve always been someone who likes to help others be better. Honestly, neuroscience was introduced to me in therapy –learning about the amygdala hijack started my ongoing curiosity. I started learning about the neuroscience of learning to better my own craft. And then I knew I had to share what I was learning.

My first book was on the brain science of learning, Wired to Grow: Harness the Power of Brain Science to Learn and Master Any Skill, which has become a go-to source in the learning industry. 


How can leaders better introduce change?

I go into depth on this in my book Wired to Resist. What I learned about studying the neuroscience of change is that we're biologically wired to look for all the things that could go wrong and what we could lose.

The basal ganglia takes repeated behaviors and turns them into habits, which is really a well-grooved neural pathway. But it takes, on average, 40 to 50 repetitions to get there.

Change can go much more smoothly and effectively when leaders understand some of these biological components. They can design it better, they can announce it better, and then they can support people in moving through it more quickly. Because, ultimately, we are a resilient species, but we need a little support to be our best and be most adaptive.


Are you willing to share a fun fact about yourself?

I love fly fishing. It's the most Zen-like thing I do. Every summer I commit to two or three weeks in Montana and you’ll find me on the best blue rivers -- they’re called Blue Ribbon Waters. I’ll start in the morning and six, seven hours go by and I won’t notice the time transpired. It’s just so beautiful. And I do catch and release, so in my heart I go back and I catch the same fish several times in a row.


Our August 3 program, Wired to Resist featuring Dr. Britt Andreatta, is shaping up to be the chapter's BIGGEST program of the year! Don't miss out -- you can learn more and register here.

Elizabeth Bayee is now the Director of Certifications for the ATD Rocky Mountain Chapter!

Elizabeth will start by leading the CPTD/APTD fall study group, which you can learn more about by participating in our August 23 information session -- register here.

Watch for our next newsletter on August 8 to learn more about Elizabeth and what she will focus on in this role.

And, a sincere thank you to Yvonne Bogard for co-founding the study group 8 years ago and serving as the Director of Certifications for the chapter up to now.

We're grateful for all you've done, and all the chapter members you've supported in passing their certification exams! 


Below are some of the chapter events we currently have scheduled. You can register for all of them through our events calendar.

Presented by the Instructional Design Special Interest Group:

All Things Tech Today!

Thursday, July 28 | 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM | Virtual 

This will be an informal opportunity to network and discuss all things technology related in the field of Instructional Design. Tell us about your favorite video editing software, storyboarding software, animation websites, and more!

Wired to Resist: The Neuroscience of Change

Wednesday, August 3 | 5:00-6:30 PM | Virtual

In this program, Dr. Britt Andreatta will share the latest discoveries about the brain, and how to harness human biology to reduce resistance to change and change fatigue. Author of Wired to Resist, she will provide key principles that maximizes the brain’s capacity to learn and embrace change. Leave this interactive session with new strategies for thriving through change and helping others do the same.

The first 40 people to register received a free book. If you didn't get a chance to pick up yours at a recent event, watch your mailbox. A few weeks after the program, we'll host a book club that focuses on Dr. Britt Andreatta's book, Wired to Resist.

Book Club: Wired to Resist by Dr. Britt Andreatta

Dates and times coming soon!

Read the book and join us to discuss its implications and practical applications for our lives and organizations. You can get your copy for FREE by being among the first to register for the August 3 program featuring the author.

Speaking of book clubs... Which talent development books do you tend to recommend to colleagues? Share your favorites and see others' recommendations on this LinkedIn discussion thread.

CPTD/APTD Fall Study Group Info Session

Tuesday, August 23 | 5:30-7:30 PM | Virtual

This free information session will give you an overview of the virtual study group and what you can expect. This study group is designed for talent development professionals who are pursuing the CPTD (formerly CPLP) or APTD designation.

Presented by the ATD Pikes Peak Chapter:

Winning an ATD BEST Award

Thursday, September 1 | 5:00-6:00 PM | Location TBD

John has led Hitachi Vantara to 7 consecutive ATD BEST Awards. This session will review the ATD BEST Application and strategies for winning ATD BEST Award. 

This session is included with ATD RMC membership through our partnership with the Colorado ATD chapters. Please use the code on the members only portion of our website when registering. 

Watch our events calendar and follow us on social media to learn about additional events and programs as they're posted!

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