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    For anyone going to the 2016 ATD International Conference and Expo (ICE) here in Denver, May 22-25!!


    I'm looking forward to seeing many of you at the International Conference and Exposition (ICE) here in Denver, May 22-25, 2016. A lot of planning and preparation has gone into making this year's convention a success.

    Please stop by the Colorado ATD Chapter's booth located below the Blue Bear Cafe and across from the registration area and receive Colorado Chapter ribbon for your badge for all members. For those who stop by, the Colorado ATD Chapters will draw lucky winners for the following  prizes throughout the conference:

    • Two daily $25 Amazon Gift Cards
    • Multiple free meeting gift certificates
    • Two free Individual Chapter Memberships

    We will also have candy and brochures to hand out at the booth. The Rocky Mountain Chapter brochure contains a special discount code that you may use when your register and receive 50% off of June and July chapter events.

    If you haven't heard already, Rocky Mountain Chapter is hosting a complimentary Colorado Chapter Happy Hour on Monday, May 23 from 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM at the Edge Bar & Grill, 1111 14th St., Denver. Only three blocks from the Convention Center. Click HERE for additional information and to register. Space is limited. Map to EDGE Bar and Grill in the Four Seasons Hotel.

    If you want a sneak peek at one of the sessions, Click HERE to register to attend a FREE Innovation Preview Webinar today, May 17th from Noon - 1:00 PM.

    I will be floating around helping out throughout the conference. If you see me, grab me and say hi.

    During the conference, if you purchase anything at the bookstore or sign up for future certification workshops, as a reminder, use our  chapter's ChIP Code when paying: CH6046. Our chapter earns money back that is used to improve our chapter. 

    Thank you for your continued support of ATD and I look forward to seeing you there.

    Best Regards,

    Robin Doss

    Rocky Mountain Chapter President



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    Dear Members,

    Within the next few days, you’ll be seeing an invitation to join ATD-RMC’s Social Learning Program hit your inbox. We’ve been talking about the Social Learning Program quite a bit, but you still may be wondering what it is and how you can take full advantage of it.

    To answer those questions, I sat down with Stephanie Lang, ATD-RMC’s Social Learning Program Director, to get the scoop:

    Robin Doss: What is the Social Learning Program?

    Stephanie Lang: Social Learning is a cross between traditional classroom learning and social networking and the Social Learning Program is an online space where people can create and participate in Learning & Development related engagements. The program is in partnership with Randy Emelo and River Software. You may remember Randy from his “Modern Mentoring” presentation at the February chapter meeting.

    RD: Who has access to the Social Learning Program?

    SL: All ATD-RMC active members will have access to the Social Learning Program. New members should receive invitations within a week of joining.

    RD: How do ATD-RMC members get access to and information about the Social Learning Program?

    SL: We will be creating logins for all ATD-RMC members and every member will be invited to join the ATD-RMC Social Learning Program. To get more information about the program and how to use it, visit the Social Learning Program page on the ATD-RMC website.

    RD: How do you think the Social Learning Program will benefit ATD-RMC members?

    SL: The program will benefit members in many ways. From my experience, the program allows access to the entire knowledge base of the ATD-RMC membership. For example, I recently interviewed for a L&D role and the recruiter asked me a question about facilitation I wasn’t 100% sure of the answer to. I later posted the question in the facilitation engagement, where two people with facilitation expertise helped me understand how I should have responded.

    You can create engagements for any learning area you’re interested in. Maybe the chapter meeting is on assessment this month, but you’re focused on e-learning right now; you can still engage with your talent development community to always be learning about your focus areas.

    Additionally, I know a lot of our members travel a lot for work and aren’t always able to make it to our events. The Social Learning Program will allow you to stay connected with the community anytime, anywhere.

    RD: What types of learning engagements are possible?

    SL: Any Learning & Development or Talent Development type of engagement is possible. To give you an idea, we currently have Facilitation Skills Sharpening, Social Learning Leaders engagements and more. Additionally, if you have a topic that you’re interested in, you have the ability to create an engagement and invite those you’d like to learn from to connect with you.

    RD: What’s one thing you think everyone should know about social learning?

    SL: The one thing people should know about social learning is that it’s fluid. The other day I was watching 30 Rock and the character Tracy Jordan was talking with his mentee, Kenneth Parcell. Kenneth offers some mentoring to Tracy, who normally plays the mentor, and Tracy says “Wow. The manatee has become the mento. Wow”. Excited, I turned to my friend and said “This is the social learning program in action!” In social learning, you can have multiple roles: you can be a learner, an advisor, or both.

    So there you have it, members. Be on the lookout for your Social Learning Program invitation and join in on ATD-RMC team mento/manatee!

    In Service,

    Robin Doss



    ATD-RMC’s Social Learning Program Director, Stephanie Lang, is a Learning & Development professional who resides in Denver, Colorado. She currently designs customer service and sales training for Nissan North America, conducts on-the-job restaurant hospitality training, and facilitates Leadership training for the Junior League of Denver.

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    Dear Members, 

    Do you ever wonder how to maximize your ATD membership? Being part of this thriving talent development community offers a lot of perks and ways to get involved. How do we engage thee? Let us count the ways… 

    9 Ways to Get Engaged with ATD in 2016

    1. Come to a Chapter Event – We have incredible programming that is designed around member requests and ATD Competency Model. We strive to offer a wide array of programs to meet all of your learning needs. We also offer some great networking opportunities throughout the year to help you connect with other learning professionals. Check out our calendar of events to see what’s coming up. 

    2. Volunteer – Volunteering provides an excellent opportunity to get really engaged with ATD at the local and national level. You will form deeper relationships with fellow members and volunteers and even have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills with other ATD volunteers from all over the country. Volunteering helps you learn new skills and expand upon those you already have. Visit our Volunteer page for more information about how you can get involved. 

    3. Study for your CPLP with our Virtual Study Group – Are you ready to get your Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) certification from ATD? Join the joint ATD-RMC and ATD Piedmont Chapter Virtual Study group to help you prepare and get support to succeed in achieving this rigorous certification. There is a spring and fall session each year. Get more information on the CPLP and the CPLP Study Group here. 

    4. Come to a Membership Event – Over the course of the year we will be hosting periodic member events where prospective members, new members, and longtime members can come to connect in a smaller setting with other members, the board, and volunteers to learn more about our chapter, our members, and opportunities to get involved. For more information, contact membership@atdrmc.org. 

    5. Attend a Virtual Program – Virtual programs are a great way to engage in professional development right from your desk! Join us for our lunchtime virtual programs on various engaging topics that complement our monthly programming. Virtual programs are free to members and present a great way to engage with the chapter. For more information on virtual programs, visit our Virtual Programs page. 

    6. Get Involved with the Social Learning Program – We are launching a social learning platform that will give all members access to join an ATD-RMC social learning network where members can create a profile of professional development interests and connect with other members and member groups around common learning interests. We are piloting it now with a small group and will be launching it to the membership in the next couple of months. Look for your invitation or contact president@atdrmc.org for more information. 

    7. Check Us Out on Social Media – Follow ATD-RMC on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for updates on programming, developments in the field, and to connect with your fellow ATD-RMC members. We’d love to hear from you on social media, too! 

    8. ICE With ATD-RMC – ATD’s International Conference & Expo will be in Denver May 22-25. Join us for a pre-conference networking event in May to connect with other Denver-area ATD members and learn more about what to expect at the conference. Drop by the local chapter table at the conference to chat with local chapter leaders, learn more about ATD-RMC, and score some swag and attend local networking events during the conference. Connect with ATD-RMC after the conference at chapter events and on the social learning platform to share takeaways with your fellow members. 

    9. Participate in Chapter Event Surveys, the Annual Survey or Contact the Board – ATD-RMC is an organization by the members for the members, so we want to hear from you! The more feedback you give us, the more we know how to meet the needs of the members. Please consider participating in program surveys after you attend chapter events, lending your voice to the membership survey in August, or reach out directly to president@atdrmc.org with any thoughts or opinions. 

    10. Become a Power Member to Get the Most from ATD – Power Members are members who are both local and national members. These members get the benefit of attending the wide array of ATD virtual and in-person courses, certification programs, and conferences at a greatly discounted rate. There are also informative monthly periodicals, whitepapers, research, and job postings only available to Power Members. Visit ATD’s Power Member webpage for more information on the benefits of local + national membership.

    Robin Doss 2016
    President, ATD-RMC
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    The Benefits of Volunteering No One Talks About

    “One of the great ironies of life is this: He or she who serves almost always benefits more than he or she who is served.” – Gordon Hinckle

    One of my first exposures to ATD occurred while I was in the D.C. area for a business trip. “You’ll get a kick out of this organization,” my colleague told me while dragging me to a chapter event after a long day. He was right. The stories and experiences I heard during the networking hour made me want to join my local chapter; the speaker made me want to volunteer.

    The speaker began by acknowledging that we all know that volunteering is a wonderful way to give back to your community. “But that’s not what I’m going to focus on tonight,” she said. Instead, our speaker addressed what is less often talked about: the benefits volunteers reap from volunteering. She inspired us to see what we could help to create in our community, how much our community could benefit from our contributions, and what we could learn from doing it. One reason I volunteer for ATD-RMC is so I can get the most out of my membership. And I have! These are the ways I’ve noticed you can benefit from volunteering with ATD-RMC:

    You get to connect meaningfully with your community. As a result of my volunteer work with ATD-RMC, I have met friends, colleagues, advisors, mentees, clients, and vendors who could help me or help my connections. Volunteering with ATD gives you more consistent relationship building opportunities, so you really get to know people, ask questions, share ideas, learn each other’s strengths, and become resources for each other going forward. Volunteering introduces you to the greater ATD international community and provides the opportunity to attend leadership conferences. Additionally, staying up to date on the industry is much easier when you’re connected to so many people and ideas. There are benefits galore to plugging into your professional community by volunteering for ATD.

    In lending your experience, you will build your experience. Our membership represents a wealth of experience. We all have excellent practices, strategies, and ideas to share. In sharing my own experience with ATD-RMC, I have gained even more experience. I’ve had potential employers point to my volunteer experience and say that it positively influenced their consideration of my candidacy. Now, I’m never one to encourage volunteering to bolster the resume alone because that doesn’t create the same valuable impact or learning; but you can’t deny that through giving of your efforts, you gain more experience and credibility.

    By volunteering your skills, you will develop new skills. When I came to ATD-RMC I knew I had skills in facilitation and instructional design to contribute; as I volunteered, I discovered just how much I could do with those skills and how they were relatable to so much more. Through my involvement with ATD I’ve gained skills in learning event planning, resourcing speakers, leadership, program management, and strategy. Since joining, I’ve grown tremendously in my career and confidence to step into more leadership positions and take on greater responsibility in my work with the wider array of skills I have to offer. If you want to learn how to do something new, volunteering can offer a wonderful learning opportunity.

    In his book, Engaging the Head Heart and Hands of a Volunteer, Orlando ATD chapter volunteer leader Barry Altland writes, “Volunteers get to give and give to get.” You will get these benefits from any type of volunteer work, so I encourage volunteering for an organization you’re passionate about. With that said, I know we’re all quite passionate about ATD-RMC! In volunteering for your local ATD chapter, you get the opportunity to work with a talented team to serve your professional community, which builds the chapter’s reach and resources to help you get more out of your professional community. Thank you to all of our volunteers who serve the growth of each other and the richness of our collective experience with ATD-RMC.

    At Our Service,

    Robin Doss

    2016 President, ATD-RMC

    Are you interested in giving back to yourself by giving your time and talents to your chapter? Visit our Volunteer Page or contact our fabulous VP of Volunteers, Sue Fody, at sufo25@comcast.net to find the most rewarding way to get involved.

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    Dear Members,

    Welcome to 2016 with your Rocky Mountain Chapter of ATD. I am thrilled to be stepping into the role of president – it’s going to be a great year! We have a lot of exciting programming and opportunities this year to continue our forward momentum that has been building over the past years. In 2016 as we plan for all of our big events, programs, and initiatives, our focus is on engagement, growth, and fun.

    The big event this year is the ATD International Conference and Expo (ICE), which will be held in Denver May 22-25. ICE attracts talent development practitioners from all over the world, including some of the biggest thought leaders in the field, so it will be chock full of learning and networking opportunities. We’re so fortunate to be hosting it here in Denver, with our past president, Becky Magnotta, at the helm coordinating the volunteer effort. If you registered to be in the volunteer pool for the conference – an incredible opportunity to serve and connect – be on the lookout for your invitation to register for your time slot. You are not on the official volunteer roster until this happens and positions will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Visit our ICE Volunteer Page for more information.

    ICE sets ATD-RMC up to attract many new members to our chapter. This is a great opportunity for our membership to connect with many additional talent development professionals in our area. As such, we are putting a focus on engagement this year in order to provide ever-expanding ways for new and current members to plug in and get involved. How are we doing that? You may have noticed that we have been making improvements and kick starting new initiatives lately, such as a CPLP Virtual Study Group, an improved mobile website experience, a social learning platform, more Special Interest Groups, and additional virtual programming, to name a few. As we continue to grow the chapter offerings, it opens up more opportunities for our members to step into volunteer and leadership positions to add to their networks, experience, and professional development; and it helps increase the chapter’s offerings to our members. Win, win, win! Reach out to volunteers@atdrmc.org for more information on getting involved in 2016.

    As part of our focus on expanding engagement and creating even more opportunities to grow, connect, and learn, we are piloting a social learning platform from River Software. All ATD-RMC members will be given access to this learning version of a social networking site. Users create a profile that outlines their experience and learning interests, and then suggestions are made so that members can form groups with other members who have shared learning interests, form mentoring relationships, and stay connected outside of the monthly chapter meetings. Members can ask questions, share and curate content, share work products, and request feedback. It’s a really exciting opportunity for ATD-RMC members to connect and learn anytime, whether in town or traveling for work. Members should be on the lookout for their login and access information starting after Randy Emelo’s Modern Mentoring chapter program on February 9th.

    And that’s just the beginning. We have an enlightening program of professional development opportunities slated for 2016, as well as many opportunities and ways to connect in and grow our networks. ATD-RMC is an exciting place to be in 2016 and we look forward to engaging, growing, and having fun with you.

    All the Best in 2016,

    Robin Doss

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    Dear Members,

    As this year is coming to a close, we sent out our annual survey to ask for your opinions and feedback on how we are performing as a chapter. We appreciate your feedback and in light of some of the feedback, I want to share the results with you and let you know that we take your opinions seriously.

    As we are preparing to transition to a new board on January 1, 2016, we are taking the survey results into consideration as part of our strategic planning. Our event planning is being developed now and the following topics were the top four (4) most requested according our survey:

    • Evaluating learning impact: 62.79%
    • Learning technologies: 60.47%
    • Managing learning programs: 51.16%
    • Coaching, change management, and performance improvement all tied at 44.19%

    In reference to the time of day that works best for you to attend chapter programs, overwhelmingly, 74.42% of respondents chose evenings 5pm-7pm. Additionally, when asked about what time is best for a workshop, there was a tie between morning, 8am-12pm or an all day workshop 8am-5pm, both times scoring 57.14%, just edging out the 12pm-4pm time slot at 50.00% of the vote.

    Regarding the days of the week for our monthly programs, Tuesday is still the best day of the week with 75.61% of the vote followed by Thursday at 70.73% and Wednesday at 68.29% of the vote. We understand that many of our members travel for work and are not always able to attend our chapter meetings and we do our very best to accommodate varying schedules. We also recognize that members want to plan in advance and knowing that a monthly event will always be on the "3rd Tuesday" of the month, for example, we try to accommodate our members’ needs.

    We also received feedback about having more on demand programs and as a result, we are working to add webinars to some of our monthly programs to reach more of our members, especially the members that are unable to attend our chapter meetings. We hope that by accessing these webinars you can still reap the benefits of our speakers and their respective topics even if you are unable to attend the chapter meeting.

    We know that finding a location that is inviting and conducive to networking and learning while being centrally located with easy parking, and is within the chapter’s budget can be challenging. Again, we strive each month to meet the requests of our members and going forward the chapter will likely be holding most of our events in central Denver and less on one end of town or another as we have done in the past. I always think of the famous line from “Field of Dreams,” “If you build it, they will come.” As we continue to expand our breadth of programs, we are confident that our members will continue to attend our events because of the benefits of networking with other members, the speakers, and the learning content.

    Your board members are always open to feedback. We always listen and work to implement your feedback as long as it is feasible according to our bylaws and in the best interest of our chapter members.

    If you are not sure about the benefits of becoming an ATD-RMC member or if you are interested in volunteering, we hope that you will visit www.atdrmc.org (About > Chapter Leadership) and email us with questions.

    We thank you for your feedback and look forward to seeing you at our annual holiday party on December 10th at La Rumba!

    Very Truly Yours,

    Michele Padilla, M.A.
    2015 President
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    Dear Members,

    Life throws you curve balls and you aren’t prepared for those balls. We have our professional lives that keep us busy, our family lives, plus all of our extracurricular activities. Most of the time it is hard to keep our heads above water, but somehow we manage.

    Since we are in the 4th quarter of 2015, budgets are being evaluated, projects are being tied up for the year, and we are preparing families for the holidays; the end of the year is definitely upon us. So, how do we push through to the end?

    We must take steps to be more productive and to rise above all the noise in all facets of our lives.

    Here are a few simple steps you can take:

    • Don’t just set your goals, rather create a process that sets you on a path to achieve your goals. Just as you need a map to get from point A to point B, you need a map to get you to your goals.
    • Say "no." For so many of us, this is one the hardest things to do, but you can say no and celebrate that decision. It’s a way to keep from spreading yourself too thin and it feels so good! It is okay to say no. Now, repeat that five times!
    • Take short, frequent breaks. This is almost like saying no. It’s hard to do because time spent not working is wasted, non-productive time, right? Wrong. Taking short breaks helps to de-clutter your mind and refocus on the task at hand. Use the alarm on your phone to time your break to just 5 minutes and then, get back to work.
    • Take a midday siesta! If you are one the lucky people who works at a company that supports productivity napping or you can work from home, take a short nap. Nap after lunch for 20-45 minutes and of course, set your alarm. The key is to get to the deep sleep stage and awake feeling energized and like you can conquer the world.
    • Your mind is full enough already, don’t struggle to remember your “to do list.” Write down your list of things to-do and strike a line through them after you have accomplished them. It feels so good to complete tasks!

    I hope the few tips that are provided will help you catch life’s curve balls because they come at you fast and furious.

    Use our upcoming October meeting as a time for you to manage change in your life. We have a robust change management event facilitated by Jesse Jacoby. Learn more by visiting our events page.

    We look forward to seeing you at our future events!

    Very Truly Yours,

    Michele Padilla, M.A.
    2015 President
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    Dear Members,

    Running a chapter of ATD-RMC is no easy task, but the board members and our volunteers make it easier! I am thankful to work with such dedicated and passionate board members that tirelessly contribute their time to this chapter. Several board members have been serving this chapter for more than two years; that's a lot of dedication. After thinking about the board members that contribute so much time, I wondered, "What motivates these members to keep coming back year after year?" Well, I asked two board members and here's what they shared with me:

    Sue Fody, VP of Volunteering

    How long have you been a member of ATD? Since 2000, I lived in Ft. Collins and joined that chapter. Before I attended my first meeting, I drove around the block a few times before I mustered the courage to go in. I didn't know anyone there. It was a warm and sharing group. Wow - I found my people!

    What was your 1st event as a volunteer? The chapter in Ft. Collins was in transition and run by two people. One, a woman, rode into the sunset on a motorcycle, never to be heard from again, and the other, Richard, asked for volunteers for various positions. He began his transition by emptying his file cabinet into the hands of a few of us. I raised my hand to volunteer to do anything, and I ended up with Membership! We were a small board creating organization from chaos. We grew the chapter and became a close knit group.

    What motivates you to consistently volunteer? Volunteering gives me a role and a purpose, and allows me to make a difference in my local professional community. It gives me the opportunity to work with people with different skillsets in different industries, broadening my understanding of the breadth of our field. Volunteering has basically allowed me the opportunity to collaborate with other volunteers and esteemed professionals around the country, at national, and within the industry. Other benefits reduced meeting fees, national membership paid by the board, and access and involvement to our amazing conferences.

    How has being a volunteer for ATD helped you in your career? My leadership roles are on my resume, and give me elevated credibility in the eyes of my employers and now my clients. I am an expert, and am actively involved in my industry. Resources on the national website have provided information and guidance for my work. I've been able to share national research with influential members in industry.

    Tara Powers, VP of Sponsorships

    How long have you been a member of ATD? I have been a member for 5 years and a board member for 3 years.

    What was your 1st event as a volunteer? I attended an ATD learning event workshop.

    What motivates you to consistently volunteer? I want to stay in involved with my community and chapter, and I enjoy influencing where our chapter is heading in the future.

    How has being a volunteer for ATD helped you in your career? As a board member, I am featured on our About Us page on the ATD RMC website. Someone from a large consulting company found me after searching on the ATD RMC website and I was chosen as the lead training consultant to roll out the Affordable Care Act in the state of Colorado to over 3500 stakeholders. They wanted someone with experience who was deeply involved in the community and they chose to look at our website first. I would never have landed that position if I wasn't a board member and this was one of the most significant opportunities in my career to date.

    Ultimately, Sue Fody sums up volunteering like this:

    "I can't say enough about the value of contributing to your chapter, the experiences and skills you can learn, and the relationships that develop if you allow them to happen. My ATD journey has allowed me to develop leadership skills as President, event planning skills for the chapter and the national organization."

    As you consider volunteering at our future events, check out what programs we have coming up in September. Join us on September 15 & 16 for Dick Hanshaw's evening and half day workshop: http://www.atdrmc.org/event-2022453. ATD-RMC is also proud to partner with Training Magazine for their upcoming Online Learning Conference in Denver on October 6th - 8th . As an ATD-RMC member, you can register for a reduced price by using the code ATRM. Visit their web site to register for your spot at the conference. http://www.onlinelearningconference.com/

    Additionally, we will be raffling off two complimentary seats for this conference for ATD-RMC members in good standing at our upcoming September meeting with Dick Handshaw, so stay tuned for more information!

    We've put out a call for volunteers, so think about what these board members have offered and what you can contribute, and what you will get out of volunteering.

    Very Truly Yours,

    Michele Padilla, M.A.
    2015 President 
  • Saturday, June 20, 2015 4:31 PM | Deleted user
    Dear Members,

    It's June! The rain has finally stopped and the sunshine is out in full force! It's an exciting time to be a member of ATD RMC! We are continuing to plan for an outstanding line up of programs from August through December, and we are preparing for ICE 2016 here in our beautiful city and state.

    This year, ICE was held in Orlando, Florida and three of our board members attended as volunteers. During our June board meeting, our attendees, Becky Magnotta, Robin Doss, and Sue Fody shared their experiences as volunteers and as learners when they attended various learning sessions. Needless to say, ICE is a tremendous way to increase your learning and exposure to our profession.

    Additionally, taking the lead as the chair of the ICE Committee is our Past President, Becky Magnotta. As she prepares to partner with the other two ATD chapters in Colorado, there will be a call for volunteers. Currently, we are looking to have 400 volunteers for ICE next year. The ICE volunteer steering committee is meeting at the end of June and will be getting in touch with those who have expressed interest in volunteering at ICE 2016. If you are interested in learning about volunteering at ICE, please visit our home page to register your email and receive further information from the volunteer steering committee in the coming months.

    As our successful year continues, our next event is our 2nd Annual Mix & Mingle Event with the International Coaching Federation and the National Speakers Association. This mega-networking event is being held on August 20th from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at The Living Room in Denver. This is such an outstanding event that if you missed it last year, you don't want to miss it again! Last year, we had 100 people in attendance from all three organizations, so it was an excellent time to meet a lot of new faces in a hip and fun environment! Register to attend here.

    ATD-RMC is also proud to partner with Training Magazine for their upcoming Online Learning Conference in Denver on October 6th - 8th. As an ATD RMC member, you can register for a reduced price by using the code ATRM. Visit their web site to register for your spot at the conference.

    Additionally, we will be raffling off two complimentary seats at this conference for ATD RMC members in good standing at our upcoming September meeting with Dick Handshaw, so stay tuned for more information!

    In the meantime, take time for yourself, friends, and family! Enjoy the beautiful Colorado sunshine and we'll see you in August at our Mix & Mingle event!

    Very Truly Yours,

    Michele Padilla, M.A.
    2015 ATD Rocky Mountain Chapter President
  • Monday, May 18, 2015 8:34 AM | Deleted user

    Dear Members, 

    Over the last three years that I have served on the board, I have had the pleasure of watching our membership grow, our leadership evolve, and our programs have become more exciting and well attended.  I believe that each year our programming becomes more robust and exciting! Every month this year, we’ve had excellent attendance at our events and I want to personally thank you for attending! 

    In the coming weeks, Rachel Drysdale, our current Vice President of Programs will be stepping away from her role to have her first baby. Rachel has quite an exciting endeavor ahead of her and we will miss her ingenuity, positive attitude, and dedication. Although we are sad to see Rachel leave, we wish her and her husband the best, and congratulate them on their baby! 

    Knowing that Rachel would be leaving us this year, she has worked tirelessly with two wonderful volunteers to build our bench strength on the board. Paula Brown and Barb Shaw have learned the logistics of programming and the dedication required to create a fresh and successful program calendar. 

    In June, Barb Shaw will become the new Vice President of Programs. Please welcome her to the board at our next program and look for her bio on our web page. 

    Regarding our upcoming programs, we have an e-Learning Open House followed by a talk with Thomas Toth who is known as an e-Learning guru. In August, back by popular demand, we have our 2nd Mix & Mingle event with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and National Speakers Association (NSA). Check our web site for more details.

    Have you noticed some positive changes in our web site? Our Twitter feed, @atdrmc is now linked to our web site and the layout is more robust and easier to read. Our Vice President of Technology, Nathan Glover is working behind the scenes to make our web site consistently better and more efficient. If you heard the term, “mobilegeddon” a few weeks ago, you may know that Google changed an algorithm thus making mobile friendly web sites that are searched for on a mobile device populate at the top of the search list. In comparison, web sites that are not optimized for mobile devices will appear lower in the search lists. Nathan was already working on programming to optimize our ATD-RMC web site on mobile devices. He’s always a step ahead of us and we thank Nathan for his initiative and forward-thinking. In fact, Nathan will be submitting a Share Our Success (SOS) story to ATD for chapter recognition of his initiative behind the scenes. 

    Lastly, we have several board members who attended this year’s International Conference & Exposition in Orlando. We are looking forward to hearing about their experiences and their key learning points, plus how ATD-RMC can implement new ideas. 

    Very Truly Yours, 

    Michele Padilla, M.A.

    2015 President

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