October 2016 President's Message

Tuesday, October 04, 2016 3:43 PM | Anonymous member

Dear Members,

The results are in! Thank you to all of you who participated in the annual membership survey. We conduct this annual survey to keep a pulse on membership preferences regarding what you'd like to learn about, how you like to connect, and when you'd like to attend meetings, among other questions. As we say, this is an organization by the members for the members, so we want to make sure we're really meeting the needs of our members. 

Although we did not get the turnout we'd hoped for, we still had some solid representation with 33 survey respondents. 33 of you were enticed to not only lend your voice, but also to have the chance to win a free registration to an ATD Certificate Course (normally a $1,095 value for ATD National members) or a Starbucks gift card. I'm pleased to announce that Kelly Dawkins won the ATD Certificate registration and Jessica Gagnon won the Starbucks gift cards. Congratulations to Kelly and Jessica! 

So what did the results say? Instructional Design is the most sought after professional development topic, with 73% of respondents saying they'd like more professional development in this area. Learning Technologies came in second with 64% of respondents interested, and Training Delivery, Evaluating Learning Impact, Performance Improvement and Change Management came in third through sixth respectively with nearly half of the respondents interested in those areas of practice. Nathan Singsen, our fabulous VP of Professional Development, is taking all of this feedback strongly into consideration as he's planning the 2017 calendar. 

As for timing, there seems to be a higher preference for Thursdays and Tuesdays, with Thursdays sneaking just a little ahead of Tuesdays in the vote (61%). Considering we tended to have higher attendance in the past when we hosted events on Thursdays, we are thinking about moving our regular meetings back to Thursdays. There didn't seem to be a strong preference as to which week of the month the meetings fall on, so we may not make any adjustments there. Most still preferred happy hour-timed meetings (64%), but a good 40% said lunch would work better, so we may try a few lunch meetings in the mix next year to see how that goes for you.

When asked whether to take a summer month off, 45% had no strong preference, while 24% said yes, and July off would be preferable. There were 21% of respondents saying, "No! We would miss ATD-RMC too much if we took a summer month off!" We hear you, however, based on our interest in providing the membership with the best programming possible with an all-volunteer board, we are looking at taking July off in 2017, just as we have done in previous years. It allows us a month to catch up, plan for the following year, and make sure we have the resources to make every chapter meeting the best meeting possible. 

We also had nearly half the respondents say they were interested in volunteering. That's great news! We're so grateful to all of our volunteers and everything they do. Sue Fody, our VP of Talent extraordinaire (aka VP of Volunteers), will be following up with those of you who expressed interest.  

Thank you again to all of you who participated, and thank you to all our members - you make ATD-RMC what it is! Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions, comments, or additional information to add to the 2016 annual membership survey: president@atdrmc.org. Happy fall ATD-RMC! We look forward to seeing you at the continuation of our Fall Leadership Series on Tuesday, October 11th! 


Robin Doss

ATD-RMC President

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