June 2016 President's Message

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 4:35 PM | Anonymous member

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Dear Members,

This month I have the pleasure of writing to celebrate wild success! First of all, I would like to congratulate our ICE Volunteer Coordinating Committee on an excellent job in recruiting, organizing, and managing the 250+ volunteers at this year's international conference and expo. The committee was headed up by Rocky Mountain Chapter's Past President, Becky Magnotta, and was bolstered by the dedication of committee members from all three Colorado chapters. RMC's very own Sue Fody and Tara Powers also served on the committee. Wonderful work, committee, and wonderful work to all of you who volunteered and helped to make this year's ICE a smashing success! Thank you for all of your hard work!

The conference brought more exciting news for our chapter: ATD-RMC won a national ATD Chapter Excellence Award for advancing the profession through CPLP! We at ATD-RMC are honored to be the recipients of this prestigious national award, which also won the chapter $1,000 in funding. ATD-RMC President-Elect and CPLP, Yvonne Bogard, partnered with the Piedmont Chapter in North Carolina to create the sustainable CPLP Virtual Study Group model. The first cohort was launched in June of 2015. The CPLP Virtual Study Group is free to all ATD-RMC members and other hosting chapter members interested in studying to gain professional CPLP certification in the field of talent development.

President-Elect Bogard said, "ATD Rocky Mountain Chapter determined there was a need for a virtual CPLP Study Group so we set out to develop a robust and sustainable model. We partnered with other chapters which has been the key in creating a sustainable model for a CPLP virtual study group. This was a great success with 11 of the 12 participants completing the cohort. Then in spring 2016 for the second cohort, we expanded further to include West Virginia Chapter.

When asked to explain more about the sustainability model, Bogard said, "We set this cohort up for other chapters to co-host with us to help lead the study group sessions. This was a win-win for all chapters involved, as co-hosting chapter members are able to participate in the study group free of charge, and co-hosting chapters share in revenues generated by non-member participants. As word has spread about our model, other chapters have reached out to us to pay the fee for their members, so that they can provide the opportunity to participate in the study group for free to their members without having to dedicate the resources to run their own study group. 

We are now preparing for the third cohort for summer 2016 and we have invited many other chapters to partner with us to bring awareness to their community about this virtual study group opportunity where a local CPLP study group not be available for their members and community-at-large." 

And have the CPLP Virtual Study Group Cohorts been successful? "Yes," said Bogard, "We have had many successes as those in the various cohorts report back that they have passed the CPLP Knowledge Exam and work product and are now official CPLPs. More recent cohorts report back that they have passed the Knowledge Exam and are now preparing for the new Skills Application Exam (SAE), which will be offered for the first time in August 2016. The SAE has replaced the work product. This change from the work product to the SAE allows for scalability as ATD becomes more and more global. We have had inquiries from Kenya as well."

Wow! Congratulations to Yvonne Bogard, to the new CPLP's, and to the Rocky Mountain Chapter members for being pioneers in advancing the profession through CPLP. Are you curious about the CPLP and whether it's right for you? Or perhaps you would like to find out about joining the next CPLP Virtual Study Group cohort? For more information, contact cplp.study@atdrmc.org or visit http://www.atdrmc.org/CPLP-Study-Group.

I look forward to celebrating more ATD-RMC success with you in the months to come.

In Service,

Robin Doss, ATD-RMC President

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