April 2016 - President's Message

Monday, April 18, 2016 7:17 PM | Deleted user

Dear Members,

Within the next few days, you’ll be seeing an invitation to join ATD-RMC’s Social Learning Program hit your inbox. We’ve been talking about the Social Learning Program quite a bit, but you still may be wondering what it is and how you can take full advantage of it.

To answer those questions, I sat down with Stephanie Lang, ATD-RMC’s Social Learning Program Director, to get the scoop:

Robin Doss: What is the Social Learning Program?

Stephanie Lang: Social Learning is a cross between traditional classroom learning and social networking and the Social Learning Program is an online space where people can create and participate in Learning & Development related engagements. The program is in partnership with Randy Emelo and River Software. You may remember Randy from his “Modern Mentoring” presentation at the February chapter meeting.

RD: Who has access to the Social Learning Program?

SL: All ATD-RMC active members will have access to the Social Learning Program. New members should receive invitations within a week of joining.

RD: How do ATD-RMC members get access to and information about the Social Learning Program?

SL: We will be creating logins for all ATD-RMC members and every member will be invited to join the ATD-RMC Social Learning Program. To get more information about the program and how to use it, visit the Social Learning Program page on the ATD-RMC website.

RD: How do you think the Social Learning Program will benefit ATD-RMC members?

SL: The program will benefit members in many ways. From my experience, the program allows access to the entire knowledge base of the ATD-RMC membership. For example, I recently interviewed for a L&D role and the recruiter asked me a question about facilitation I wasn’t 100% sure of the answer to. I later posted the question in the facilitation engagement, where two people with facilitation expertise helped me understand how I should have responded.

You can create engagements for any learning area you’re interested in. Maybe the chapter meeting is on assessment this month, but you’re focused on e-learning right now; you can still engage with your talent development community to always be learning about your focus areas.

Additionally, I know a lot of our members travel a lot for work and aren’t always able to make it to our events. The Social Learning Program will allow you to stay connected with the community anytime, anywhere.

RD: What types of learning engagements are possible?

SL: Any Learning & Development or Talent Development type of engagement is possible. To give you an idea, we currently have Facilitation Skills Sharpening, Social Learning Leaders engagements and more. Additionally, if you have a topic that you’re interested in, you have the ability to create an engagement and invite those you’d like to learn from to connect with you.

RD: What’s one thing you think everyone should know about social learning?

SL: The one thing people should know about social learning is that it’s fluid. The other day I was watching 30 Rock and the character Tracy Jordan was talking with his mentee, Kenneth Parcell. Kenneth offers some mentoring to Tracy, who normally plays the mentor, and Tracy says “Wow. The manatee has become the mento. Wow”. Excited, I turned to my friend and said “This is the social learning program in action!” In social learning, you can have multiple roles: you can be a learner, an advisor, or both.

So there you have it, members. Be on the lookout for your Social Learning Program invitation and join in on ATD-RMC team mento/manatee!

In Service,

Robin Doss



ATD-RMC’s Social Learning Program Director, Stephanie Lang, is a Learning & Development professional who resides in Denver, Colorado. She currently designs customer service and sales training for Nissan North America, conducts on-the-job restaurant hospitality training, and facilitates Leadership training for the Junior League of Denver.

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