November 2015 - President's Message

Monday, November 16, 2015 5:27 PM | Deleted user
Dear Members,

As this year is coming to a close, we sent out our annual survey to ask for your opinions and feedback on how we are performing as a chapter. We appreciate your feedback and in light of some of the feedback, I want to share the results with you and let you know that we take your opinions seriously.

As we are preparing to transition to a new board on January 1, 2016, we are taking the survey results into consideration as part of our strategic planning. Our event planning is being developed now and the following topics were the top four (4) most requested according our survey:

  • Evaluating learning impact: 62.79%
  • Learning technologies: 60.47%
  • Managing learning programs: 51.16%
  • Coaching, change management, and performance improvement all tied at 44.19%

In reference to the time of day that works best for you to attend chapter programs, overwhelmingly, 74.42% of respondents chose evenings 5pm-7pm. Additionally, when asked about what time is best for a workshop, there was a tie between morning, 8am-12pm or an all day workshop 8am-5pm, both times scoring 57.14%, just edging out the 12pm-4pm time slot at 50.00% of the vote.

Regarding the days of the week for our monthly programs, Tuesday is still the best day of the week with 75.61% of the vote followed by Thursday at 70.73% and Wednesday at 68.29% of the vote. We understand that many of our members travel for work and are not always able to attend our chapter meetings and we do our very best to accommodate varying schedules. We also recognize that members want to plan in advance and knowing that a monthly event will always be on the "3rd Tuesday" of the month, for example, we try to accommodate our members’ needs.

We also received feedback about having more on demand programs and as a result, we are working to add webinars to some of our monthly programs to reach more of our members, especially the members that are unable to attend our chapter meetings. We hope that by accessing these webinars you can still reap the benefits of our speakers and their respective topics even if you are unable to attend the chapter meeting.

We know that finding a location that is inviting and conducive to networking and learning while being centrally located with easy parking, and is within the chapter’s budget can be challenging. Again, we strive each month to meet the requests of our members and going forward the chapter will likely be holding most of our events in central Denver and less on one end of town or another as we have done in the past. I always think of the famous line from “Field of Dreams,” “If you build it, they will come.” As we continue to expand our breadth of programs, we are confident that our members will continue to attend our events because of the benefits of networking with other members, the speakers, and the learning content.

Your board members are always open to feedback. We always listen and work to implement your feedback as long as it is feasible according to our bylaws and in the best interest of our chapter members.

If you are not sure about the benefits of becoming an ATD-RMC member or if you are interested in volunteering, we hope that you will visit (About > Chapter Leadership) and email us with questions.

We thank you for your feedback and look forward to seeing you at our annual holiday party on December 10th at La Rumba!

Very Truly Yours,

Michele Padilla, M.A.
2015 President

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