September 2015 - President's Message

Sunday, September 20, 2015 4:38 PM | Deleted user
Dear Members,

Running a chapter of ATD-RMC is no easy task, but the board members and our volunteers make it easier! I am thankful to work with such dedicated and passionate board members that tirelessly contribute their time to this chapter. Several board members have been serving this chapter for more than two years; that's a lot of dedication. After thinking about the board members that contribute so much time, I wondered, "What motivates these members to keep coming back year after year?" Well, I asked two board members and here's what they shared with me:

Sue Fody, VP of Volunteering

How long have you been a member of ATD? Since 2000, I lived in Ft. Collins and joined that chapter. Before I attended my first meeting, I drove around the block a few times before I mustered the courage to go in. I didn't know anyone there. It was a warm and sharing group. Wow - I found my people!

What was your 1st event as a volunteer? The chapter in Ft. Collins was in transition and run by two people. One, a woman, rode into the sunset on a motorcycle, never to be heard from again, and the other, Richard, asked for volunteers for various positions. He began his transition by emptying his file cabinet into the hands of a few of us. I raised my hand to volunteer to do anything, and I ended up with Membership! We were a small board creating organization from chaos. We grew the chapter and became a close knit group.

What motivates you to consistently volunteer? Volunteering gives me a role and a purpose, and allows me to make a difference in my local professional community. It gives me the opportunity to work with people with different skillsets in different industries, broadening my understanding of the breadth of our field. Volunteering has basically allowed me the opportunity to collaborate with other volunteers and esteemed professionals around the country, at national, and within the industry. Other benefits reduced meeting fees, national membership paid by the board, and access and involvement to our amazing conferences.

How has being a volunteer for ATD helped you in your career? My leadership roles are on my resume, and give me elevated credibility in the eyes of my employers and now my clients. I am an expert, and am actively involved in my industry. Resources on the national website have provided information and guidance for my work. I've been able to share national research with influential members in industry.

Tara Powers, VP of Sponsorships

How long have you been a member of ATD? I have been a member for 5 years and a board member for 3 years.

What was your 1st event as a volunteer? I attended an ATD learning event workshop.

What motivates you to consistently volunteer? I want to stay in involved with my community and chapter, and I enjoy influencing where our chapter is heading in the future.

How has being a volunteer for ATD helped you in your career? As a board member, I am featured on our About Us page on the ATD RMC website. Someone from a large consulting company found me after searching on the ATD RMC website and I was chosen as the lead training consultant to roll out the Affordable Care Act in the state of Colorado to over 3500 stakeholders. They wanted someone with experience who was deeply involved in the community and they chose to look at our website first. I would never have landed that position if I wasn't a board member and this was one of the most significant opportunities in my career to date.

Ultimately, Sue Fody sums up volunteering like this:

"I can't say enough about the value of contributing to your chapter, the experiences and skills you can learn, and the relationships that develop if you allow them to happen. My ATD journey has allowed me to develop leadership skills as President, event planning skills for the chapter and the national organization."

As you consider volunteering at our future events, check out what programs we have coming up in September. Join us on September 15 & 16 for Dick Hanshaw's evening and half day workshop: ATD-RMC is also proud to partner with Training Magazine for their upcoming Online Learning Conference in Denver on October 6th - 8th . As an ATD-RMC member, you can register for a reduced price by using the code ATRM. Visit their web site to register for your spot at the conference.

Additionally, we will be raffling off two complimentary seats for this conference for ATD-RMC members in good standing at our upcoming September meeting with Dick Handshaw, so stay tuned for more information!

We've put out a call for volunteers, so think about what these board members have offered and what you can contribute, and what you will get out of volunteering.

Very Truly Yours,

Michele Padilla, M.A.
2015 President 

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