December 2014 - President's Message

Thursday, December 18, 2014 4:30 PM | Deleted user

Thank you!


When I sat here nearly a year ago, I pondered what the year would be, and what challenges our chapter would have. I only knew that "community" and engagement at board meetings and member events was what we needed to work towards. I never could have imagined we'd achieve our goals and have such a memorable year.


We received two "Save our Success" awards (plus we've submitted for a third one), and were recognized for chapter of the month in September. This alone would have been a stellar year - but on top of this we worked through the complexities of a name/brand change. In fact, we appear to be the first chapter to have completed the name/brand change that is due in six months!


We had 9 well-attended educational meetings, and two networking/meet/mingle events. We connected to our past with our "Past and Future Leaders Quorum". We started two Special Interest Groups (SIGs) - Student and Young Professional, and the re-launch of Facilitator's Exchange, plus the start of the Learning Leaders and watch for an E-Learning SIG coming in 2017. We increased membership by 15%, and our bank account is healthy - $24,342.10 - enough to cover expenses for a year, and also set us up for a great 2015.


I'm pleased with where we are. Success like this only occurs with the hard work and commitment of many people. I send a heartfelt thank you to our fabulous members, volunteers, and board.


Members - you are the lifeblood of our chapter. Your questions, suggestions and engagement made this year a joy. For all I've met personally, thank you for your time, your support and your engagement.


Volunteers - you were there at each meeting greeting our members, helping them get information that they needed, and doing what ever it took. We cannot express enough how much we appreciate you, your time and your effort. I fervently hope we made the experience positive and beneficial for you.


Board - You were there and from our first strategic meeting, you were game to try new things, and you kept the energy going all year. I know it wasn't always easy, but your support, friendship and dedication made this a year of growth and achievement for our chapter, and for me personally. Thank you.


We end this year well, and as I turn the reins over to Michele Padilla, your 2015 President, I know that you are in good hands; the best for the Rocky Mountain Chapter is yet to come. I look forward to providing her and all of you support as your Past President in 2015.


Thank you,


Becky Magnotta

2014 ASTD Rocky Mountain Chapter President.

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