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    A Review of the January ATD Rocky Mountain Chapter meeting. 

    By Mike Faber, M.S.

    ATD RMC Member

    What’s your “walk-up” song? Ballplayers have them, musical artists have them, stand-up comics have them. So why not a walk-up tune to accompany you when you enter a room? That intriguing question was posed by JERA Partnerships’ Diane Zile during her recent presentation on Enduring Leadership at ATD Rocky Mountain Chapter’s January meeting. Zile’s JERA Partnerships, LLC, helps individuals and organizations with strategic planning, executive coaching, leadership development and a variety of other services.

    Each of us bring unique life experiences to our work, and unique talents. Zile urged attendees to focus on identifying the structure and culture in which each of us can maximize the impact of those talents and experience. For instance, a workplace culture may be centered around results and less around people. One would describe that culture as “Driving” – perhaps a good place to start a career when most of our lives revolve around work and learning a craft. As we mature, many of us look more for a culture that continues to focus on results but also places emphasis on the value of nurturing and developing people. Zile identifies that culture as “Integrated”.

    As to the structure of a work environment, it’s important to have a balance of contributors across a spectrum. One member of the team might be “Fast-paced and Outspoken”. Best to balance her with a colleague who is more “Cautious and Reflective”. Will this result in conflict periodically? Yes, and that’s good! Conflict can be the catalyst for creative leaps forward. Zile also described two other structure types as “Questioning and Skeptical” with an opposite number of “Warm and Accepting”. It’s also important to note that these structural preferences aren’t set in stone. You might find yourself moving from one structure to the next depending on environmental variables or your own comfort level with the work at hand.

    While each of the attendees took away different nuggets from the presentation on Enduring Leadership, Zile’s message about work fulfillment and “work-life integration” rather than “work-life balance” seemed to resonate for all. She stated “We’re in a market where you should be working someplace that aligns with what’s most important to you.” Amen to that!

    Chapter Members, do you have a topic that you would like to blog about? Interested in reviewing a Chapter Meeting? Contact the Vice President of Communications and your content could be featured on the website or in an upcoming newsletter. 

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    ATD's new website is live to day. Check out Tony Bingham's message about it here

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    Why go out on Black Friday when you can take care of your Talent Development needs at the ATD Black Friday sale? Don't forget to use the Chapter's ChIP code of CH6646 when making a purchase!


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    Do you have an Amazon Echo? Are you preparing for the CPLP? Let Alexa help! ATD National announced the CPLP Skill app today. Download it here

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    August 21 to 25, ATD members will get access to different exclusive sales each day on the most popular ATD products and services. ATD Member Week sales include:

    Special pricing on National membership renewals.

    $100 savings on all 2017 Essentials Series workshops.

    $200 savings on Preparing for the CPLP: On-Demand Course.

    Discounts on bestselling book titles.

    Reduced rates on popular events, including ATD 2018.

    Visit www.td.org/memberweek for more information. 

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    The ATD International Conference and Expo will be in San Diego next year on May 6-9, 2018. If you are interested in volunteering, send an email to Rebecca Everett at atd2018volunteers@tdsandiego.org

    For each day you volunteer, you get a complimentary day to attend ICE!

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    Early bird registration for the Core 4 Conference in Austin, TX September 29 to 29, 2017 is extended until July 28, 2017. The conference focuses on four key areas:

    • Instructional Design
    • Training Delivery 
    • Measurement & Evaluation
    • Learning Technologies
    Learn more about the Conference here. If you do plan to attend, please use the ATD RMC's chip code of CH6046 when registering. 
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    The new Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) certification is more narrowly focused than the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP), our field’s premier certification. It will test knowledge on three primary areas of expertise from The ATD Competency Model, along with evaluating learning impact and the global mindset foundational competency.

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    Have you registered or are you planning to register for the ATD International Conference & Expo (ICE) in Atlanta on May 21-24, 2017?

    ATD 2017 is the premier talent development conference. With more than 350 education sessions led by world-renowned thought leaders, you’re sure to have your burning learning questions answered. Make sure to join 10,500 of your peers from more than 90 countries.

    Online registration ends May 12th. How would you like to receive the lowest discounted ICE registration fee?!

    Chapter members can qualify for a team discount if 5 or more people from ATD Rocky Mountain Chapter are attending and register as a team. The team discount rate for the entire conference is $1250 per ATD member or $1575 per non-member.  Chapter teams will be established when five registrations are received. If you plan to attend, contact us so we can set up a chapter team. 

    Please contact info@atdrmc.org by Monday, May 1, 2017,  if you are interested in joining the ATD RMC chapter team and receiving this discounted rate for ATD 2017 ICE!

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    ATD is bringing several Education Programs to Denver. Now is your chance to take the Coaching Certificate or the Master Trainer Program (assessment based) without having to travel. Click here for more information. 

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