CPTD Study Group Leaders

Our study group leaders consist of members from the host Chapters. 

 Study Group Leader  Title  Chapter
Debbi Spranza, CPTD Certifications Director  Rocky Mountain
Mary Bolton, CPTD CPTD Director  West Virginia
Trudy Dave, M.ED, CPTD CPTD Director  Valley of the Sun
Amy Limbacher, CPTD CPTD Director  Austin
Lori Ann Roth, Ph.D., CPTD CPTD Director  Florida Suncoast
Mary Jane Saras MSW, CPTD
Director of CPTD  Central Florida
Anita Torres, M.S., CPTD, CEC, ACC Past President  Central Florida
Cindy Wihelms, CPTD Volunteer  Valley of the Sun

Would your Chapter like to co-host the CPTD Study Group? Contact the ATD Rocky Mountain Chapter Certifications Director for more information. 

The cohort study group I was a part of really helped me prepare for the CPLP Knowledge Exam.  To be honest, this was the first time I was a part of any virtual, learning / studying group and when I initially signed up I didn't know how beneficial it would be--but hey--it was only $50.  My misgivings were completely misplaced! I learned so much by going through one AOE every week with my cohort.  Preparing my teach-backs, learning from others teach-backs, really helped me to understand each AOE in depth.  Without the cohort I doubt I would have been as thoroughly prepared for the exam.  In fact, outside of preparing each week for the cohort, I only studied about 16 hours the week before my exam and that was all I needed to pass.  I'm grateful for my cohort experience!"

-Joe Feest

Wanted to share the good news with you, that I passed the CPLP SAE exam. Thank you for all your help in keeping my exam preparation on track. Joining this study group was the best thing I did to prepare for the exam.

-Pooja Jaisingh

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