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  • Saturday, February 07, 2015 7:52 AM | Anonymous

    The national SOS program identifies best practices among local ATD chapters and uses them as models for other chapters.

    We received this award due to the innovative approach used to fill the VP Finance/Treasurer position. Since most ATD members don't possess deep knowledge of finance or technical accounting, the Board collaborated with the local CPA professional association to find someone specifically with financial expertise for non-profits.

    Sid Basu, an experienced CPA who had prior professional experience supporting adult learning organizations, agreed to join our Board. Having Sid's extensive financial knowledge and experience has enabled us to create better financial reporting, and when needed, has provided accounting and financial advice to our chapter and other chapters in our area.

  • Thursday, January 15, 2015 9:10 AM | Anonymous

    Thank you, Jana Axline, our volunteers, and all who attended for a terrific evening of learning and networking. A quick look.

  • Friday, December 19, 2014 3:13 PM | Anonymous

    Thank you!


    When I sat here nearly a year ago, I pondered what the year would be, and what challenges our chapter would have. I only knew that "community" and engagement at board meetings and member events was what we needed to work towards. I never could have imagined we'd achieve our goals and have such a memorable year.


    We received two "Save our Success" awards (plus we've submitted for a third one), and were recognized for chapter of the month in September. This alone would have been a stellar year - but on top of this we worked through the complexities of a name/brand change. In fact, we appear to be the first chapter to have completed the name/brand change that is due in six months!


    We had 9 well-attended educational meetings, and two networking/meet/mingle events. We connected to our past with our "Past and Future Leaders Quorum". We started two Special Interest Groups (SIGs) - Student and Young Professional, and the re-launch of Facilitator's Exchange, plus the start of the Learning Leaders and watch for an E-Learning SIG coming in 2017. We increased membership by 15%, and our bank account is healthy - $24,342.10 - enough to cover expenses for a year, and also set us up for a great 2015.


    I'm pleased with where we are. Success like this only occurs with the hard work and commitment of many people. I send a heartfelt thank you to our fabulous members, volunteers, and board.


    Members - you are the lifeblood of our chapter. Your questions, suggestions and engagement made this year a joy. For all I've met personally, thank you for your time, your support and your engagement.


    Volunteers - you were there at each meeting greeting our members, helping them get information that they needed, and doing what ever it took. We cannot express enough how much we appreciate you, your time and your effort. I fervently hope we made the experience positive and beneficial for you.


    Board - You were there and from our first strategic meeting, you were game to try new things, and you kept the energy going all year. I know it wasn't always easy, but your support, friendship and dedication made this a year of growth and achievement for our chapter, and for me personally. Thank you.


    We end this year well, and as I turn the reins over to Michele Padilla, your 2015 President, I know that you are in good hands; the best for the Rocky Mountain Chapter is yet to come. I look forward to providing her and all of you support as your Past President in 2015.


    Thank you,


    Becky Magnotta

    2014 ASTD Rocky Mountain Chapter President
  • Monday, November 24, 2014 11:23 AM | Anonymous
  • Friday, November 07, 2014 5:08 PM | Anonymous

    Attended:  Becky, Sid, Yvonne, Ted, Robin, Michele,

    Via Phone: Rachel and Tara

    Excused: Sue and Mark  

    The meeting began at: 6:10

    • Facilitator – Becky
    • Note Taker - Becky

    • August Minutes approved virtually
    • ·        On-Going Business
    • o   ATD Brand/Name Change – Status – Yvonne
    • §  Becky contacted Karen to close our Aurora PO Box – Our official address is now:
    • ATD-RMC
    • 1753 Lafayette Street
    • Denver, CO 80218
    • §  By-laws were voted on and approved by the board.  They will be sent out for chapter vote later this week.
    • ·        Sid will change the address at Wells Fargo once the new by-laws are approved.
    • §  Official State name change was made by Michele
    • §  Remaining activities are around address changes and some contractual changes
    • o   Programming – Robin
    • §  Robin went over the survey of our members of preferences
    • ·        Most liked having July off – so we will continue that
    • ·        Day of the week, preference was for Tues/Weds of the 2nd week of the month. 
    • ·        Robin confirmed these days work for the board
    • §  Calendar rest of the year is set. 
    • ·        October 2 – Ken Phillips at Hacienda Colorado on Colo Blvd
    • ·        November 20 – Nathan Lindsay
    • ·        December 11 – Holiday event at La Rumba
    • §  Calendar for 2015 is coming together, Robin is finding a nice variety of speakers.  At this point all are local.
    • o   Communication – Tara
    • §  Newsletter articles needed by the end of this week
    • §  We need to find her replacement – starting the beginning of next year.  She is still contemplating whether to do sponsorship or not.
    • §  Discussion of splitting out the weekly and monthly newsletter.  The weekly is more just the facts, where the monthly is more communications/marketing.  Could definitely be two people, and Becky will ask Glenda to do this.
    • o   Membership – Rachel
    • §  Current Membership Numbers
    • ·        Total Current 216 – (Since 8/1 – 9 new and 1 lapsed)
    • §  Membership drive
    • ·        Offer – “Join ATD-RMC during our membership drive and get free admission to two events in October and November 2014”
    • ·        2 emails, 1 postcard to 700 people (lapsed and National who are not RMC members)
    • ·        1 new member from membership drive (9/8 – 9/28)
    • ·        Requested and added another email and mention in newsletter
    • ·        Also added to home page
    • §  New member event at Angelo’s scheduled for Oct 22 at 5:30 pm
    • o   Volunteer – Sue – Sue was absent this evening.  Volunteers are set for Thursday’s event
    • o   Technology – Yvonne
    • §  Default needs to make sure new logos are there. 
    • §  Last month worked through confirmation of registration
    • §  Ted requested that Social Media continue to be split out, so need to find a VP of Technology
    • §  Board agreed to move responsibility of setting up events in Wild Apricot to Hinztime if Glenda is willing to take on this additional work.
    • ·        Approach ensures consistency and correctness of set up
    • ·        More events are being added to support our partnership with other chapters and ICF-Colorado
    • ·        Becky sent a request to Glenda, which we’ll discuss when she returns from vacation
    • o   Social Media – Ted
    • §  Facebook page needs a new logo
    • §  Anna – new volunteer is adding Instagram – she also has some graphic design background, so she can help with this, and also perhaps marketing – need to work through that.
    • o   Virtual Programs – Mark/Yvonne
    • §  Yvonne worked with Mark on the last webinar to learn how that works.
    • §  Decision was made to not have any more virtual programs after Ken Phillips and work on the 2015 calendar.
    • o   Sponsorship Update – Tara –
    • §  Update on logo that need to be removed from our web site.
    • ·        Regis and Gene Tognacci are our current sponsors
    • o   Treasurer - Sid
    • §  Budget – We are on budget. 
    • §  Chapter has net income of $8K – which will be used for ALC, holiday events, etc.
    • o   All Leader’s Conference – Becky, Yvonne and Robin (October 10-11)
    • §  Set meeting to plan for optimizing
    • o   ICF/NSU/ASTD-RMC Summer networking event results – Michele
    • §  Event went well, and Michele is willing to do this again next year.
    • o   President – Becky
    • §  2015 President Elect – Michele is working through final agreement from candidate.  Will need election from membership.
    • §  September Chapter of the Month!
    • o   SIGs – Update – Rachel and Becky
    • §  Student/Young Professionals - Rachel is working with Metro group on their SiG which requires two steps
    • ·        Join ATD-RMC
    • ·        Set up a first meeting to get the SIG going
    • §  Facilitator’s Exchange – Second meeting set for Thursday, October 16th at Daniel’s Fund
    • §  Learning Leaders – Becky and Michele spoke with Kevin Preston for some initial ideas.  More on this next month.
    • ·        Additional business – Open Forum
    • o   Ted brought up a learning conference at Metro on October 24th. Cost is $200 for a table and mentioned.  The board voted to approve.  Robin and Rachel may possibly be able to attend and get more memberships.
    • o   A – Everybody needs to review their current job descriptions and give their thoughts/edits to Becky before the end of November.  This will help to ensure any new board members get started on the right foot.
    • o   A – Becky will put together a check list for the President for both annual and monthly.

    • ·        Adjourn 7:50
  • Wednesday, October 22, 2014 10:44 AM | Anonymous

    Congratulations to Yvonne Bogard (Rocky Mountain Chapter) and Georgeanne Nelson (Pikes Peak Chapter) for earning their CPLP certification in October, 2014. 

  • Thursday, September 25, 2014 2:56 PM | Anonymous
  • Monday, September 08, 2014 5:03 PM | Anonymous
    The national Association for Talent Development has given the Rocky Mountain Chapter the September 2014 Chapter of the Month award. It is the highest honor ATD bestows on its Chapters and we are proud of all the hard work of our dedicated President, Becky Magnotta, the board and volunteers. Our members make us strong and we are happy to serve them! Join the most dynamic chapter for training and talent development professionals in the country today. [more]

  • Thursday, August 21, 2014 5:00 PM | Anonymous

    To quote Bob Dylan, "Oh the times, they are a-changin'!"

    Change is in the air. The end of August brings the beginning of a school year, which reminds us of change, and new beginnings. It doesn't matter whether you're helping children get ready for a new year, or you are going back to school yourself, or you simply remember what it was like.

    Not only is it a season of change, but also change is all around us. Change is accelerating in many areas - including our profession. The move from Training and Development to Talent Development is indicative. There are many kinds of Learning Professional roles in Talent Development - Facilitator, Coach, Trainer, Instructional Designer and/or Developer, Administrator, Manager. For all these roles, the mastery of your craft is an exciting journey, filled with many questions. How do you continue to grow and add value for your constituents? How do we develop others? How do we help find a solution for problems? Do we have the skill sets to guide and support when the solution is not training? How do we continue to be part of the solution? Where do you want to go next?

    This may be exciting, terrifying or both. Take a minute and reflect where you are. What is your next step in the development of your talent? Are you ready to present and guide solutions? How are you viewing the changes in front of you? Something as simple as our point of view can make a difference in how we cope or embrace the change that is coming at us.

    Our chapter has lots of resources to help you prepare for the future. Our next few meetings offer some exciting tools - Carol Clark and gamification in September, and Ken Phillips will provide two webinars and a live event to help you better assess the efficacy of your training.

    There are also webinars, ATD National programs, the Denver Chamber of Commerce and our many partnerships. Take a look at the "events" tab on our website www.atdrmc.org. The Facilitator's Exchange, an ATD-RMC Special Interest Group (SIG) is re-launching on Thursday, August 28th. We hope to see you there.

    Finally, do not forget the wealth of support you have in this chapter. You are a phone call/email away from somebody who can give you ideas for how you can continue to grow as a Learning Professional.

    Speaking of change, we continue to re-brand our chapter. By now you've seen our new web site. At future meetings you'll continue to see the new face of ATD-RMC. Many thanks to Yvonne Bogard and Ted Penberthy for their leadership on this front.

    Your chapter continues to thrive. Today we have $27,074 in the bank, which covers a year of expenses, as part of our Chapter Operating Requirements (CORE). We currently have 218 members, up 1 from July.

    Thank you for your continued support and contribution to our community. Your participation, thoughts and energy keep us strong and help us thrive. I encourage you to make the most of your membership by joining us at meetings, and volunteering.

     Volunteering expands your skills/knowledge, and helps you get and stay connected to the Denver learning community.

    We are here to serve you. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. You can email me at president@atdrmc.org.

    Thank you,

    Becky Magnotta

    2014 ATD Rocky Mountain Chapter President

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