Retaining Training in our Mental Filing Cabinet

Thursday, May 17, 2018 5:57 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

By Kelly Hancock

Most of us are inundated with daily information and often times lead hectic and busy lives. When we learn something new, it can be very challenging to retain the information we’ve just brought into our brains. We may think we’ve got it, but then a little time goes by and when we’re ready to use what we’ve learned, we’ve forgotten vital information. It’s exhausting!

I am a Public Training Specialist for the Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR) and my role is to support the Colorado taxpayers in understanding the actions necessary to be compliant with Colorado tax laws. I remind myself regularly of the challenges we all face when it comes to retaining information and I strive to focus on training methods that can be repeated in that moment of need. “Moment of Need” is a learning term that characterizes an instance of a need for information, which could be when learning something for the first time or when trying to remember something previously learned in support of performing a task. Providing training or instruction information exactly when needed is key to success. Making vital resources and information taxpayers need available via the education portion of our website is what we strive to do, in hopes of meeting that moment of need. For example we recently linked to three of our most popular videos addressing customer’s common issues directly from our Revenue Online free filing site and saw a significant increase in views year over year, just by making them more convenient to access!   

We currently have several frequently watched videos that help to explain how to file sales taxes either using our free Revenue Online system, or using paper filing forms. In the near future we will be holding webinars on key tax topics that will be recorded and posted to a library on our website for easy access. We also use quick reference information like 1-pagers reviewing common mistakes and errors to avoid when filing. We of course know that many individual situations taxpayers are dealing with require calling into our call center or visiting or service centers to speak directly with a tax examiner, or calling on a tax professional for support, but many times even those taxpayers can get a good basis of information by visiting

We may all wish we could hear something once and retain it in our mental filing cabinet for just when we need it, but the reality is we really need training that includes resources we can go back to when we can’t recall everything we’ve previously learned. In today’s world with information coming at us endlessly, we can all appreciate training that considers that all important moment of need!

Kelly works for the State of Colorado, Department of Revenue, as a Public Training Specialist, administering, developing, delivering and overseeing external/public training of taxpayers, tax professionals, businesses and professional groups on Colorado’s state tax laws. 

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