Q&A: Talking with Nate Singsen on the ATD RMC Executive Advisory Council

Friday, March 31, 2017 7:13 PM | Anonymous member

What is the Executive Advisory Council?

The ATD RMC Executive Advisory Council will convene between seven and thirteen Denver-area talent development leaders. We will meet on a quarterly basis to discuss strategic talent development issues affecting organizations. The Council will identify important issues and recommend possible solutions to the ATD RMC Board of Directors. These recommendations will help ATD RMC deliver programming and other content that add value for organizations by directly addressing the issues that talent management leaders face today.

What was the “ah-ha” moment that inspired you to create the Council?

I was at the ATD Chapter Leaders Conference in Washington D.C. last October. I was listening to another chapter leader’s presentation and remember thinking "Well why wouldn't we just ask talent development leaders to sit in a room with us and discuss what they really need?" The more I thought about it, the more excited I became by the prospect. Shortly thereafter, laid out the idea and why it could be great to the other RMC Board members. It resonated with them and we agreed that it made sense for me to develop the idea further. 

My background in nonprofit governance set me up to flesh out the structure of the Council to the point where others could really see its value. Once I had a workable Terms of Reference and Competency Profile (based on ATD's competency model of course!) the idea started to pick up momentum. I have spoken to quite a few executives to socialize the idea and it seems like the Council will meet an unserved need in our professional community.

Who can serve on the Council?

We are seeking thought leaders in the talent development space. They might be decision makers at large organizations or consulting practice leads that help organizations improve their talent development function. A strategic mindset is perhaps the most important qualification, but we also need people that are out there making decisions that directly affect employee development and organizational effectiveness. For more detailed info you can view the Council Competency Profile, which lays out the general characteristics and specific talent development competencies we are looking for.

How will the Council benefit the Talent Development Community?

The Council will be the voice of the Denver-area talent development market. Talent development issues exist in all organizations. As more and more leaders realize that employee talent is their best source of competitive advantage, they are looking for ways to engage, develop and retain top-notch talent. ATD RMC is uniquely positioned to help organizations identify and address those challenges. Through ATD national we have access to a huge network of thought leaders and experts, an enormous library of research and an array of certifications that can help organizations meet their challenges. However, we can't go to the market with a message of "We have this great stuff, what do you want?" We must have our finger on the pulse of talent management leaders so that we can partner with them to deliver meaningful solutions. 

Advisory Council Members will have the opportunity to convey their most pressing, most challenging issues to ATD RMC, a nonprofit organization equipped to collaborate with organizations of all sizes to address those issues. I would love to see the Council build momentum by delivering real value to the Denver-area talent development market. From what we understand, this Council is the first of its kind in the talent development space, at the very least in the ATD community. It would be amazing to see it become a trendsetter and lead to other similar groups across the country. 

What is the one outcome you are most looking forward to?

When ATD RMC enters its first collaboration agreement with a local business to solve a talent management issue. This will mean that the council has met, discussed ideas, made a recommendation to ATD RMC and together we have come up with a solution that creates value for that business. This is what I want most from the Council – that Dever-area leaders look to us to help them strategize and launch talent management solutions that benefit their organizations. 

Nate Singsen, VP of Community Relations 


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