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ATD RMC virtual Peer Mentor Groups

Are you looking to join a group of professionals eager to share ideas and grow together? The Virtual Peer Mentor Groups connect you with other professionals. There are five peer mentor groups, each with their own topic, Conversation Catalyst and meeting times. 

What is a virtual peer mentoring group? 

A peer mentoring group is a group of people coming together to learn from each other on a specific, pre-selected topic. There is no one expert. Instead, those in the group collectively share their questions, insights and experiences to learn and grow together. The group meets virtually to allow for those across the region to participate.  

How does it work? 

When joining, you will choose a group focused on a specific topic area. Each group will have a designated conversation catalyst whose role is to start the conversation and schedule the meetings in advance. It is up to the individuals in the group to be accountable to one another and to share  knowledge and ideas on the topic for the term of the group. 

What are the topic areas?

    • Leadership and Management Development: Developing the skills in others that help them to increase their effectiveness as leaders and managers and/or prepare others to take on formal leadership roles.
    • Organizational Development: The processes, practices and tools for integrating changing into organizations and teams.
    • E-Learning (Instructional Design): Effective learning through electronic formats such as online learning courses, microlearning components, virtual learning, webinars, etc
    • Leading the Learning Function: Strategically leading the learning function and teams of learning professionals within an organization. 
    • Learning Culture: Practical ways to better integrate learning with work (and reach organizational goals). 

When do the groups meet? 

The groups meet twice monthly beginning in May for a total of 6-7 meetings, each meeting lasting about an hour. The first meeting is a kick off meeting to get to know each other and plan future meetings. The rest of the meetings’ content is co-created by the group members. More details to come on the actual meeting days and times for each group. 

Who should join a virtual peer mentoring group? 

Peer mentoring groups are an ATD RMC member benefit. Any member, whether new or  experienced, is encouraged to join. We can all grow by sharing experiences and working together.  Not a member? Join now! 

Hmmm. This sounds interesting. How do I learn more?

On Thursday, April 15 join the Virtual Mentor Group Information Session from 4:30-5:30 pm. 

Okay, I’m sold. How do I join a group? 

Complete the sign-up form

Other Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do I decide on a topic area? 

There are lots of ways to choose and it’s really up to you. Here are some suggestions to think about  while you make your selection: a topic of interest, current needs you have on the job, projects you are  working on, an area you’d like to grow in or share your knowledge. Please keep in mind that the topic areas are first come, first served. On the sign-up form you’re asked to give your first and second choice just in case you’re first choice isn’t available.  In any case, you’ll want to choose one that you can commit to for 3 months. 

I’m having a hard time choosing. Can I join more than one group? 

We would prefer that you only join one group to start. We know you feel like a kid in a candy store, but we are here to tell you more isn’t better when you get that tummy ache. If you really feel stuck, reach out to us and we can try to help you determine which group might be most beneficial. 

I’m still not sure I’d bring value, what should I do? 

YOU have personal experience that is different and therefore valuable, regardless of how much  experience you have. Your ideas, experiences and questions you ask all allow the others in the group  to grow because you’ll stimulate new thoughts, ideas and conversations. Don’t let nerves stand in  your way, give it a try!

What if I realize I should have picked a different group? 

If you feel the group you are in isn’t what you expected, you encounter any problems, or you have a  pressing need at work in another area, we will do our best to work with you in allowing a change of  focus groups. You will need to email the VP of Community Engagement and let us know you’d like to change groups. A board member will reach out to you and work with you to move to another group as we are able. 

What if the conversation catalyst isn’t keeping our group going, it’s stalled, or I have other concerns  about the group?

Please email the Vice President of Community Engagement and let us know your concerns. We will work as a  board to address the issue and ensure the group is healthy and effective.  

I have more questions. Whom can I reach out to?

Please contact the Vice President of Community Engagement if you have further questions or need assistance.

Email the Vice President of Community Engagement

Mentor Groups Meeting Times

 Group Leadership and Management Development
 Day and Time Wednesdays 4:30 to 5:30 MT
 Conversation Catalyst Shana Bosler
 Kickoff Meeting May 12
 Session 1 May 19
 Session 2 June 2
 Session 3 June 16
 Session 4 June 30
 Session 5 July 7
 Session 6 July 14

 Group Learning Culture
 Day and Time Tuesdays 4:30 to 5:30 MT
 Conversation Catalyst Katie Gerwitz
 Kickoff Meeting May 11
 Session 1 May 18
 Session 2 May 25
 Session 3 June 8
 Session 4 June 22
 Session 5 June 29
 Session 6 July 13

 Group Leading the Learning Function
 Day and Time Thursdays 4:30 to 5:30 MT
 Conversation Catalyst Amy Auberry
 Kickoff Meeting May 13
 Session 1 May 20
 Session 2 June 3
 Session 3 June 17
 Session 4 July 1
 Session 5 July 15
 Session 6 July 29

 Group eLearning (Instructional Design)
 Day and Time Tuesdays 4:30 to 5:30 MT
 Conversation Catalyst Thomas Toth
 Kickoff Meeting May 4
 Session 1 May 18
 Session 2 June 1
 Session 3 June 15
 Session 4 June 29
 Session 5 July 6
 Session 6 July 20

 Group Organizational Development
 Day and Time Wednesdays 4:30 to 5:30 MT
 Conversation Catalyst Hethyr Fouse
 Kickoff Meeting May 5
 Session 1 May 19
 Session 2 June 2
 Session 3 June 16
 Session 4 June 30
 Session 5 July 14
 Session 6 July 28

Virtual Peer Mentor Groups Upcoming Events

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