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 ATD Chapters CPLP Study Group

The virtual study group meets on Tuesdays for 12 weeks leading up to the ATD Certification Institute testing windows. This study group focuses on preparation for the Knowledge Exam.

ATD CI Testing Windows

Study Group Dates and Times:

Free Information Session August 28 5:30 to 7:30 pm MT
11-week cohort September 4 to November 13 5:30 to 7:30 pm MT

Who can attend?

The study group is open to anyone interested in preparing for the CPLP exams, this includes:
  • Any Chapter's members
  • Non-members
  • General public

What to expect:

The first session is an orientation on how to get started. The next ten weeks cover each of the ten chapters of the ATD Learning System (required materials). The final week is a review of all Areas of Expertise (AOE) in the ATD Competency Model and Learning System.

The virtual study group sessions are meant to supplement your independent study. The sessions provide a chance to reinforce knowledge through discussion, clarification of key points, sample test questions and key test taking strategies. Each study group session is moderated by one or more co-hosting chapters. Each participant prepares for and facilitates a teach-back session for one or more sections in the AOE covered that week. 

Each participant has access to the many resources available from previous cohorts via a wiki. Additionally each participant must have access to the ATD Learning System (required). 

Study Group Overview: 

  • The study group consists of 12 weekly virtual meetings held on Tuesdays. 
  • The sessions are conducted via an easy-to-use online web conferencing tool. 
  • The schedule of study group sessions leads up to a testing window for the CPLP Knowledge Exam. 
  • All materials focus on the ATD Competency Model. 
  • The resources from the wiki site are available for participants' for preparation and use during the study group sessions for your teach-back on the topic.
  • Certified CPLPs may be scheduled as guests for an individual study group session.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I participate if I am not an ATD Chapter member?

Yes, non-members are welcome to join the CPLP virtual study group sessions for the non-member rate. Actually the sessions are open to the public from anywhere worldwide. Chapter members must be current members in good standing throughout the duration of the virtual study group cohort. 
Will I have free access to the ATD Learning System to Prepare for the Knowledge Exam as a participant of the virtual study group?
No, you are responsible for purchasing your access to the digital ATD Learning System from the ATD Store. If you are part of the Rocky Mountain Chapter, we appreciate the use of the Chapter's CHiP code, CH6046, when you make your purchases. 
Can I receive a discount for the CPLP Exams and study materials?
ATD national members, receive discounts for CPLP registration and on the CPLP study materials. Don't forget to use your Chapter's CHiP code when you make any purchase. 
What other resources are available?
There are many CPLP LinkedIn Groups that may help you with your CPLP preparation. 

Would your chapter like to co-host an upcoming CPLP Virtual Study group?
Contact the ATD RMC Vice President of Certifications for more information. 

CPLP Study Group Calendar

Month: December 2018

Dec 1
Jan 1

I have the CPLP study group to thank for a new position in an industry with limited budgets. Often working as a one-person "team," I thrived with the sense of community and the level of expertise we fellow practitioners shared with one another. As I was reminded of all wisdom I have to share in the process of acquiring more, my enthusiasm multiplied! To benefit from discounted enrollment, I became a national member, which was in itself a fabulous decision that I benefit from weekly. After the study course, I signed up for terrific ATD certification courses too. All the content and connections have been immeasurably valuable in my work and in my career path.

-Ruth Allender

This online study group is a tremendous value. Not only did I pass the knowledge exam on my first try, but I also got the added benefit of networking across the country with a diverse group of other talent development professionals striving for the same goal. In addition, I gained access to the work and resources of past groups, my current group, and I was able to contribute to the knowledge base myself.

The teach back method we used forced me to know my material every week, and it even modeled the adult learning principles we are learning to master. What's more, the knowledge, support, and personal experience shared by the group leaders (who already are CPLPs) made the experience especially engaging for me. I would have gladly paid a lot more for all the value I received from this group!

-Andy Marris

Become a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance by this time next year! The CPLP is a certification offered by the ATD Certification Institute. It was designed exclusively for and by talent development professionals to validate industry-specific expertise and skills. Learn more about the credential here

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