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Thanks for stopping by. We are working to provide a study group for CPTD candidates for the November - December 2020 testing window. We will have more details as they become available. For more information regarding the study group, register for our mailing list

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Mastering the CPLP by Trish Uhl


I have the CPLP study group to thank for a new position in an industry with limited budgets. Often working as a one-person "team", I thrived with the sense of community and the level of expertise we fellow practitioners shares with one another. As I was reminded of all wisdom I have to share in the process of acquiring more, my enthusiasm multiplied! To benefit from discounted enrollment, I became an ATD national member, which in itself was a fabulous decision that I benefit from weekly. After the study course, I signed up for terrific ATD certification courses too. All the content and the connections have been immeasurably valuable in my work and in my career path.

Ruth Allender

This online study group is a tremendous value. Not only did I pass the knowledge exam on my first try, but I also got the added benefit of networking across the country with a diverse group of other talent development professionals striving for the same goal. In addition, I gained access to the work and resources of past groups, my current group, and I was able to contribute to the knowledge base myself. 

The teach back method we used forced me to know my material every week, and it even modeled the adult learning principles we are learning to master. What's more, the knowledge, support, and personal experience shared by the group leaders (who are already CPLPs) made the experience especially engaging for me. I would have paid a lot more for all the value I received from this group!

Andy Marris

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