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Twelve Week Virtual Study Group

Study Group Dates and Times:


    • 7:30 to 9:30 pm Eastern
    • 6:30 to 8:30 pm Central
    • 5:30 to 7:30 pm Mountain
    • 4:30 to 6:30 pm Pacific 
        • Free to co-hosting chapter members
        • $50.00 for non-members and the general public
Who can attend?
Anyone interested in preparing for the CPLP exams, this includes:
        • Any Chapter's members
        • Non-members
        • General public
What to expect:
The first session is an orientation on how to get started. Then the next 10 weeks cover each of the 10 modules/chapters of the ATD Learning System (required materials). The final week is a review of all the Areas of Expertise (AOE) in the ATD Competency Model and Learning System.

The virtual study group sessions are meant to supplement your independent study. The sessions provide a chance to reinforce knowledge through discussion, clarification of key points, sample test questions and key test taking strategies. Each study group session is moderated by one or more co-hosting chapters. Each participant prepares for and facilitates a teach-back for one or more sections in the AOE being covered that week. 

Each participant has access to the many resources available from previous cohorts via a wiki. Additionally each participant must have access to the ATD Learning System (required). 

Study group overview:
        • The study group consists of 12 weekly virtual meetings held on Tuesdays conduct via an easy-to-use online web conferencing tool.
        • The schedule of study group sessions leads up to a testing window for the CPLP Knowledge Exam. 
        • All materials focus on the ATD Competency Model
        • The resources from the wiki site are available for participants' for preparation and use during the study group sessions for your teach-back on the topic.
        • Certified CPLPs may be scheduled to be guests for an individual study group session.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I participate if I am not an ATD Chapter Member?
Yes, non-members are welcome to join the CPLP virtual study group sessions for the non-member rate. Actually the sessions are open to the public from anywhere worldwide. Chapter members must be current members in good standing throughout the duration of the virtual study group cohort. 

Will I have free access to the ATD Learning System to prepare for the Knowledge Exam as a participant of the virtual study group?
No, you are responsible for purchasing your access to the digital ATD Learning System from the ATD Store. If you are part of the Rocky Mountain Chapter, we appreciate the use of the Chapter's CHiP code, CH6046, when you make your purchases. 

Can I receive a discount for the CPLP Exams and study materials?
ATD national members, receive discounts for CPLP registration and on the CPLP study materials. Don't forget to use your Chapter's CHiP code when you make any purchase. 

What other resources are available?
There are many CPLP LinkedIn Groups that may help you with your CPLP preparation. 

Would your chapter like to co-host an upcoming CPLP Virtual Study group?
Contact cplp.study@atdrmc.org for more information. 

CPLP Virtual Study Group Leader

Shannon Wzientek

Shannon Wzientek, CPLP

ATD Rocky Mountain Chapter

Vice President of CPLP Study Groups

email: cplp.study@atdrmc.org

Shannon earned the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) certification in 2016. While preparing for her CPLP Exam, she was an active member in the Virtual CPLP Study Group and attributes much of her success throughout her CPLP journey to her participation in the group. She is now involved in overseeing and managing this program to give back and propel this sustainable model. 

Shannon is the Learning and Development Manager for a large accounting firm, CohnReznick. She is responsible for designing, developing, and administering training for the entire firm in a variety of formats, including online, blended and instructor-led formats. Shannon is responsible for and managed the firm's leadership and professional skills curriculum. Her previous roles include Instructional Designer II for a non-profile organization and a consultant focusing on organizational process development and improvement for an insurance company. 

Virtual Study Group Registration


The ATD Rocky Mountain Chapter with our co-hosting Chapters, Piedmont, Suncoast, Valley of the Sun, West Virginia and Austin, are pleased to announce the Fall 2017 CPLP Virtual Study Group is open for registration. 

  • Free information session - Tuesday July 11, 2017 - Register
  • Cohort dates - Tuesdays July 18 through October 3, 2017 - Register
  • Please register for both the information session and the cohort, if you are interested in joining the cohort. 

Virtual Study Group Email List

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Below are a few testimonials from previous CPLP Virtual Study Group Members. 

Wanted to share the good news with you, that I passed the CPLP SAE exam. Thank you for all your help in keeping my exam preparation on track. Joining this study group was the best thing I did to prepare for the exam.

Pooja Jaisingh

There were probably several things that contributed to my success (passing the Knowledge Exam):

  • Experience – I did have relevant experience in at least 6 of the AOE’s .  Anytime you can relate the material to practical experience it “sticks” better
  • Learning System – I got both the print and the online version.  I read it cover to cover ( that in itself might be considered an accomplishment J )
  • Support from my employer – they covered the cost and supported my study time.
  • Other tools: I bought a month’s subscription to cplpcoach.com (Trish Uhl’s site).  I bought it for my last month of study.  I did not buy the premium version with the videos, just the $97 one.  I mainly used it for the tests.
  • I took many practice tests on there.  The tests are timed and the shorter tests give you feedback on individual question results and that helped direct my review for the last month.
  • She also has a great quizlet card set that you get with the subscription and I utilized that as well
  • Study Plan – The cohort timing was just perfect for me actually.  I was looking at a study group for my local chapter but they did not meet as frequently and they bounced around in the material.  I saw a suggestion to evaluate your strengths by AOE and study in that order.  I considered that but I was more concerned on having mastery of the higher weighted sections which convinced me to go through the Learning System in order
  • I read ahead of every cohort.  My goal was to finish the reading by the Friday before the cohort and then prepare my presentation on Sat/Sun for the Tuesday cohort.  When that was done, I started reading the next section.  It didn’t always work that perfectly, but that was how I structured it.
      • At first I started taking detailed notes as I read. After 3 chapters I decided it was slowing me down more than helping (although I did go back through them some on my review).  Basically, I just used a highlighter as I read.
      • I had a few weeks after the last cohort to review. So this would be final prep
      • I drilled the glossary terms a lot (quizlet)
      • I did mind maps on wisemapping.com on TD, ISD, ELI.  This was more to help me as I transition to SAE, but that process was very helpful.
      • Youtube – I looked for videos on Kolb and Kirkpatrick and other theories and some of those helped me with a clearer summary of the concepts
      • The practice tests on the cohort wiki are gold.  I would pay more for those alone now that I have used them. Those were very helpful for my last day review.
      • I re-took the practice test on TD.org and several of Trish’s tests.  I also went back through and re-answered all the section questions in the Learning system.  I did that over the course of 3 days or so and then reviewed the material I flagged on Saturday.  Then I closed everything up and took Sunday off and tested today.
Update from Aaron on February 2, 2017:

I just wanted to circle back and say thank you one more time.  I am officially a CPLP.  I found out today that Amy passed the SAE too!

The study group played a huge part in my success, so thanks for giving your time and knowledge.  If any of you are headed to the conference this year in Atlanta we should try to do a study group meet up.

Arron Hohman
I have the CPLP study group to thank for a new position in an industry with limited budgets. Often working as a one-person "team," I thrived with the sense of community and the level of expertise we fellow practitioners shared with one another. As I was reminded of all wisdom I have to share in the process of acquiring more, my enthusiasm multiplied! To benefit from discounted enrollment, I became a national member, which was in itself a fabulous decision that I benefit from weekly. After the study course, I signed up for terrific ATD certification courses too. All the content and connections have been immeasurably valuable in my work and in my career path.

Ruth Allender

Regarding the study methods, I would say that our group was a tremendous help (thank you, thank you).  It kept me on track and I then went back to review the chapters, materials that we put together as a group, and completed the practice test questions provided by Owls Ledge, in addition to the pCPLP.  The tests really helped me get used to testing and the types of questions I would encounter - it's been a long time since I've taken a test like this!

Again, thanks for everything!

Shannon W.

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